I recently got my two air con units serviced and after two days of the service, one unit started leaking.

All vendors are unprofessional, no respond at all even attended my request

support tel no provided is useless as no one to pick it up, sending emails and yet waiting for their reply.

This one customer was recently told not mess around unless she was serious!

If you have had your air cond serviced, it is likely possible that these below sum up your experience:

  • Regret
  • Anger
  • Cheated
  • Harassed
  • Frustrated
  • Fear
  • Hopeless

And with these new apps, its a hit or miss, you could be lucky to find a good technician but chances are slim. So you could be wondering how to get your air cond serviced without all the headaches, read on…

  1. :Communication:
    Nothing against Apps but customer priority has been has repeatedly been ignored, especially after they collect the payment.

    Does your apartment management require you to get an authorisation letter? Is there a deposit required from your apartment management?

    Not all air cond problems are the same, yes its great to collect initial information via the website but its always best to get on a phone call with the technician and describe the problem thoroughly.
  2. Experienced technician:
    You really need to vet your technician, an inexperienced technician will leave you with even a bigger list of repairs to be made.
  3. Professional technician:
    How the technician conducts themselves really matters. Like the horror quotes above, you don’t want to be threatened simply because you have canceled the appointment, NO, that’s a red flag and you need to cut communication ASAP! What you need is technician who will respond in a professional manner.
  4. Do they clean up after their mess?
    A client was once left with a dirty floor, ceiling and a dead air cond. Before you bring in an air cond technician, make sure they are committed to leaving your house as clean as they found it.
  5. Customer support:
    This by far is the most important of all. Businesses that have no regard for a customer don’t deserve your hard earned money. Make sure there is someone you could talk to, get your issues recorded.

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